Affordable Wedding Photographers

You want your photographer to be ” The Best Wedding Photographer”. Right? But you also want a choice of affordable wedding photographers.
So how do you get the best of both worlds? – Easy book your modern wedding photography with EMOTION.

At EMOTION we undertand that wedding photography is very different to any other type of photography. To be good at wedding photography you need to be a special person, with a special set of skills.

Tanya of EMOTION

The Ideal Wedding Photographer

People often ask “What makes an ideal wedding photographer?”
Our answer…a likeable person with a friendly approachable personality, someone who is calm under pressure, organised and efficient, who understands and enjoys working with people, who understand different culture requirements and who knows how to photograph those great wedding moments.

So, before anyone is allowed to join us we check them out. We look for all of these attributes. Our own experienced team have personally reviewed their past wedding photography portfolios, interviewed and spoken with them, and satisfied ourselves that they are indeed ideal wedding photographers, suitable for photographing your wedding.

So go ahead, browse our galleries, look at  our photographer profiles and when you are happy, make a booking. EMOTION is your guarantee of the best most affordable wedding photographers in Australia.

  • Great people, experienced and multi-talented

  • Many speak additional languages (Check out their profiles)

  • All have their own individual wedding photography styles

  • Great professionals with experience of working under pressure at weddings

  • Likeable, friendly, eficient people. You will enjoy having them at your wedding

  • Checked out and validated by our own experienced team of professional photographers

Mauro Cattelan Professional Wedding Photographer
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Keoni Simon EMOTION Wedding Photographer
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EMOTION Wedding Photographer - Stuart Rowe
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EMOTION Wedding Photographer- Leoni Heaslip
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Emotion Photographer - Elana Bailey
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Coming in 2019… ACT, TAS & NT

Trustworthy, Verified and Certified

You want to be able to “trust” your wedding photographer…right?
Most importantly, you want to know your photographer is honest and reliable.

This is why all our photographers hold a current national crime check certificate (formerly known as police check).
The National crime check is one more reason for you to trust your EMOTION wedding photographer.


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