Moneek & Daniel 10th August 2019

Photographed By Tiffany 10th August, 2019

When Moneek and Daniel booked EMOTION, they told us they were having a “Backyard Wedding”. They didn’t tell us the “Backyard” would be the splendid surroundings of  Windsor Downs deep in the heart of rural NSW.

A winter wedding deep in the countryside…what could be nicer?

Moneek and Daniel were determined their wedding would be a relaxed casual, made even more obvious by the white Adidas sneakers worn by the bride and matron of honor, and black Adidas sneakers worn by the groom and best man. Moneek even drove herself to her wedding in her trendy Mini, stopping off at McDonalds on the way for a quick snack!

A photo speaks a thousand words, so we’ll let our photos speak for themselves here.

Congratulations Moneek and Daniel on your absolutely, amazingly unique wedding. We wish you all the love and happiness in the world.

With love from,

the EMOTION team.

- Moneek & Daniel