Why we created emotion

EMOTION exists to make it easy to choose an affordable, quality, reliable, trustworthy professional wedding photography service.

We believe, you should know at the outset, the complete cost of your wedding photography.
In this day and age, you should expect value for money.
You should expect a simple, quick and easy booking process.
You should expect to see your photos the day after your wedding. Why should you wait?

We believe EMOTION wedding photography gives you all this…and more

Between us and our photographers, we have shot thousands of weddings.

We have photographed small informal weddings, large grand affairs, beach weddings, home weddings, registry weddings, elopement weddings, last minute weddings, surprise weddings and weddings which have been in the planning for years!

We have photographed multi-culture weddings, same-sex weddings, ethnic religion weddings, weddings with divorced parents, fragmented families, and great celebratory affairs with a “cast of thousands”.

We are absolutely confident that we will repay your trust and do a great job photographing your wedding!

Who we are

Vittorio Natoli

chief executive officer
What do I include and what do I leave out? I absolutely love, wedding and portrait photography, good food and art. My other passion is for working with people to build great businesses, having spent my lifetime understanding myself and the psychology of others. Discovering what life is about has been a basic driver. Lastly, I am a husband, father, mentor, leader, friend, son, business partner and everything else as most all of us are. Rare accolades… There are only a handful of AIPP Grand Master Photographers in Australia. I am one of them. I am also a professional and Franchise business leader, having successfully established the national Viva Photography brand and franchise. It is my sincere belief that Emotion wedding photography will help both photographers and wedding couples, that need a transparent easy system to connect and work together.

Michael Warshall

I have been a professional photographer for over 40 years and have photographed over 3,500 weddings. The AIPP awarded me Master Photographer and Fellowship status. Also, I am a certified professional photographer with the Professional Photographers of America, as well as holding an Associateship with the British Institute of Professional Photographers, the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and the Master Photographers of Great Britain. In the past I was Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year, International Wedding Photographer of the Year, and Australia’s most Innovative and Influential Printer. For over 40 years, I have been in the printing industry and have been recognized as Australia’s most awarded digital Album printer. My experience helps me as one of the validators of EMOTION photographers, and also as the founder of Luxe Albums, a new business established to provide exceptional photography and albums at truly affordable prices.

Peter Myers

chief operations officer
During my business career, I have managed businesses, both small and large, as well as being a business owner in my own right. Right now I am excited to be spearheading the development of EMOTION. I believe this is EXACTLY the right solution, at the right time for modern couples. Like my colleagues, I understand professional photography, having been the CEO of the AIPP for 9 years. I know that photography has changed, and is still changing, and has to adapt to the needs of people today. EMOTION is part of that adaption. It seems a long time ago since I was running my own wedding photography and video business back in England. It seems even longer since, as a young man I studied and qualified as an Accountant, an IT specialist and later as a behavioural analyst, skills which I needed in abundance running the AIPP, and before that, managing a large online wedding service business. The “making of the cake” as they say, is in the ingredients. These are mine!

Kim Harding

Marketing and Engagement Manager
I have 16 years experience as a experienced Event and Conference Manager in the industry, including 7 years at the Australian Institute of the Professional Photography as the National Event Manager and 9 years as Conference/Wedding Manager at a beautiful Yarra Valley Wedding venue in Melbourne’s south east. I also hold a Bachelor Degree in Business from Swinburne University majoring in Tourism and Enterprise Management.

Rocheen Flaherty

Brand Manager
Rocheen is an experienced brand manager with a background in ecommerce and web marketing. She is passionate about customer service and creating great brand experiences. Her background includes marketing and branding for the 57 store strong retail chain Kidstuff, and managing the marketing for the award winning studio photography brand Viva. She knows how important it is to have a trusted photographer on your wedding day and aims to create a stress-free experience that you will love to recommend

Tiffany Teoh

Graphic Designer
Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m the creative writer and graphic designer at EMOTION. I’m self-taught in graphic design for over 10 years and counting. I’m loving researching the latest design trends as it is an ever changing industry. My tertiary background is in Land Economics and I’ve won awards in real estate in the past but art and design is where my heart is. I love designing for the fashion and wedding industry as it’s where my full creativity can be unleashed and I’ve met my favourite clients in this industry. I’m also a fashion and beauty blogger, stylist, content creator and photographer; so when I’m not designing you can find me writing, styling, modelling, and photographing good products made by good people. Oh and I just launched my sustainable fashion and accessories collection this year where I make everything by hand in my studio. What can I say? I love creating beautiful things!