Unique Wedding Photography for the Unique You!

UNIQUE: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

You are unique, one of a kind.

Your wedding will be unique, a special day with memories to treasure forever.

We understand you want to look your best on your wedding day.

We know you want to be able to look back on your wedding day, and enjoy the memories.

You deserve the best.

It’s Your Time, Your Day…Your Choice!

eMotion wedding photography

We are specialists in candid, documentary-style affordable wedding photography.

Between us we have shot thousands of weddings… small informal weddings, large grand affairs, beach weddings, home weddings, registry weddings, elopement weddings, last minute weddings, surprise weddings and weddings which have been in the planning for years!
We have photographed multi culture weddings, same sex weddings, ethnic religion weddings, weddings with divorced parents, fragmented families, and great celebratory affairs with a “cast of thousands”.

EMOTION photographers are all wedding specialist, hand-picked by us because of their proven understanding that great wedding photography involves so much more than just taking great photos.

Our photographers are all passionate about weddings and love witnessing and sharing your personal joy and happiness.    

The result? – High quality, modern wedding photography.
Powerful, poignant images that you’ll treasure forever.

But of course, it’s your time, your day and your choice!

So we absolutely want to know what you have in mind.

What sort of wedding do you want? What sort of wedding photos do you want?
How can we help make your wedding…
…the most memorable day of your life?

Our Promise To You.

1st Promise…
Feel Good. Look Great

Relax! Our experienced photographers know how to capture your inner calm and outer beauty.

2nd Promise…
Speedy Photo Gallery

Rewind! View, share, download and enjoy all your wedding photos the morning after your special day.

3rd Promise…
Easy on Your Budget

Refrain! From over spending. Affordable, easy packages
$200 booking fee. Pay the balance later. Pay in instalments if you want.

4th Promise…
Talented Photographers

Rely! on us. Our photographers know the importance of your wedding day. They know how to make you look sensational.

Here’s how it works

  • Contact Us. Talk to Us. Lock in Your Date

  • Make a Booking – Pay the $200 Booking Fee

  • Choose from our photographers  (We’ll check availability)

  • Connect and communicate with your photographer. Plan your shots and your day.

Pricing and Payment

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